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T gold

T gold in Enamel Charms
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Classic and stylish Letter T Italian Charm. The letter T is painted in gold enamel on a stainless steel base. Sparkling and pretty charm.


Bitch Italian Charm

Bitch Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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If man gets what he wants he is powerful, but women- bitch, is it fear??? Show your lifestyle and image with original and wonderful Bitch Italian Charm. The word is painted in gold enamel on a unique and shiny blue background that makes it look......

Dress Italian Charm

Dress Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Beautiful and colorful Dangle Dress Italian Charm. Dress is painted in purple enamel and accent with sparkle white zirconia stones. Use this charm to provide sparkle and moving look to your Italian charms bracelet....

Green Aquarius Italian Charm

Green Aquarius Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Look at Green Aquarius Italian Charm!!! Beautiful Aquarius is painted in gold enamel in green and sparkling oval with gold trim. All Aquarius are going to love having this charm on their bracelet....

B Zirconia Italian Charm

B Zirconia Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
Letter B Zirconia Italian Charm can make your bracelet more sparkling and beautiful. Gorgeous gold enamel and glittering zirconia make great look together. High quality stainless steel makes this charm perfect for any bracelet....

black Cat Italian Charm

black Cat Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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This is must-have elegant, refined and stylish Black Cat Italian Charm. This gorgeous cat is painted in gold and black enamel on a finest stainless steel base. Black and gold colors provide classic and stylish look to Black Cat Italian Charm....

California Flag Italian Charm

California Flag Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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This is California Flag Italian Charm. Brown bear, blue star and red underline are painted in enamel all over a gold plated background. Premium stainless steel link fits all major brands Italian charms....

Lady Shoe

Lady Shoe in Enamel Charms 
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Accessories you will love for your fashionable collection on the bracelet. The charm presents a die-to-pair of haute couture pumps of your favorite design. Painted in enamel on a glossy background, red color perfectly accents gold toned background......

Gold Kangaroo Italian Charm

Gold Kangaroo Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Beautiful Gold Kangaroo Italian Charm. This kangaroo is painted in sparkling gold enamel on a shiny stainless steel base. You can meet those unusual and fast animals only in Australia. Put piece of Australia on your bracelet to make it more pretty......

Salamander Enamel Charm

Salamander Enamel Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Shown here is green enamel painted salamander. Salamanders have tails and small, weak limbs, which often resemble the unrelated lizards, but are easily noticed by their lack of scales and of claws, and by their moist, smooth skins. This......

Graduating Cap Italian Charm

Graduating Cap Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Don't forget your graduating day with this amazing Graduating Cap Italian Charm. Graduating Cap is painted on white background and edged with gold enamel frame. This charm can be really good present for all graduating Seniors....

Big Umbrella Italian Charm

Big Umbrella Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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This is one more Big Umbrella Italian Charm to make your bracelet more cute and pretty. Beautiful umbrella is painted in green, red and blue enamel and edged with gold trim. Shiny and quality stainless steel link is wonderful base for this marvelous......

I Heart

I Heart in Enamel Charms 
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Display your heart full of love. Marvelous I Heart Italian Charm is very expressive and sparkling. Letter "I" is painted in black enamel; big pretty heart is painted in red enamel. This lovely charm is made from high quality stainless steel. The......
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