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Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach in Enamel Charms
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Gorgeous beaches, sizzling nightlife, parties till the morning comes… all that action is going on in Sunset Beach. Enjoy the look of one the loveliest white-sandy beaches during sunset. The charm features tropic palm tree accentuated by a red sun’s disk. The image is mounted on a shimmering base of a stainless steel face link and is painted in bright enamel. Enjoy the best of tropics selected by Italian charms Bracelets Inc for your personal collection.


Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Enamel Charm

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign Enamel Charm in Enamel Charms 
A gorgeous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign is a welcoming to travelers that enter Las Vegas via Las Vegas Blvd. It is a gorgeous sign, and is shown here with beautiful colorings, enamel painting, and delicate life-like script. It is......

Green OK Italian Charm

Green OK Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Everything is going to be all right, everything is going to be OK!!! Beautiful Green OK Italian Charm will always remind you about this. Ok is written in gold enamel over green background on a finest stainless steel charm....

X blue

X blue in Enamel Charms 
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Bright blue Letter X Italian Charm. Perfect bright color makes this charm very colorful and pretty. This charm is made from excellent, high quality stainless steel....

Double Heart Italian Charm

Double Heart Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
Your heart is beating together with another heart. Put yours hearts together on one bracelet. This gorgeous and chic Double Heart Italian Charm is painted in red- wine color and set on a sparkling stainless steel link....

Jingle Bells with Ribbon

Jingle Bells with Ribbon in Enamel Charms 
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Have these charming green bells adorned with gold casing and accompanied by a red ribbon be with you all year round! The picture is fashioned onto a glittering stainless steel backdrop that accents the image. Cut from finest nickel-free metal and is......

F blue

F blue in Enamel Charms 
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Stainless steel Italian Charm with letter F on it. Beautiful blue color makes this charm adorable and original. Create your own personal bracelet- letter F Italian Charm can be perfect part of it!!!...

D blue

D blue in Enamel Charms 
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Blue Letter D Italian Charm based on stainless steel link. This charm is indispensable for your collection. Your imagination and blue Letter D Italian Charm together can create something special and unrepeatable....

American Flag Star Italian Charm

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Show your national pride and American stand putting this charm to your bracelet. Beautiful star ispainted in red, blue and white enamel. Star is edged with gold enamel trim that makes this charm shiny and sparkling....

Golden Puppy Italian Charm

Golden Puppy Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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This is the cutest charm ever!!! Amazing Golden Puppy Italian Charm is so wonderful- you will love having it on your bracelet. The puppy is painted in shiny gold enamel and set on a wonderful and high quality stainless steel base. The steel link......

Green Cancer Italian Charm

Green Cancer Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Look at Green Cancer Italian Charm!!! Beautiful Cancer is painted in gold enamel in green and sparkling oval with gold trim. All Cancers are going to love having this charm on their bracelet....

Gold Fancy Heart Design Enamel Charm

Gold Fancy Heart Design Enamel Charm in Enamel Charms 
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The detailing on this Italian charm is so beautifully created. This charm shows an image of a gold heart with other different styles of gold hearts within it. You will love the radiance of this charm....

Sparkling Love Italian Charm

Sparkling Love Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Sparkle your bracelet like your love is sparkling!!! Sparkling Love Italian Charm is painted in red, passionate enamel on a stainless steel base. Charm is coated with clear, protective and golden resin....

MLB Indians

MLB Indians in Enamel Charms 
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Stay cool while showing off your favorite baseball team. Our officially licensed MLB Indians Italian charm proudly displays the engraved logo of the team set on a nickel-free stainless steel base of deep dark blue color. New season to cheer, give......

0 blue

0 blue in Enamel Charms 
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Beautiful stainless steel Italian Charm with zero symbol on it. You can use it to create the number that means something to you- age, year. Gorgeous blue color makes brilliant contrast with sparkling steel....
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