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Penguin Italian Charm

Penguin Italian Charm in Enamel Charms
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Beautiful Penguin Italian Charm. The penguin is painted in enamel on a sparkling stainless steel charm. Gorgeous and cute penguin looks alive and will be your bracelet adornment.


Q Zirconia Italian Charm

Q Zirconia Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Letter Q Zirconia Italian Charm can make your bracelet more sparkling and beautiful. Gorgeous gold enamel and glittering zirconia make great look together. High quality stainless steel makes this charm perfect for any bracelet....

Z blue

Z blue in Enamel Charms 
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Add the name of your sweetheart, friend or relative to your bracelet. Use this great Letter Z Italian Charm. Bright blue color and stainless steel make great shiny and colorful expression....

Yellow Banana Enamel Charm

Yellow Banana Enamel Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Love bananas? Or do you love to monkey around? Well, no matter what you are into, this charm is perfect for you. It gorgeously shows a banana made with bright yellow enamel. The detailing is perfect and will look great next to any monkey charm that......

Chickadee and Egg Italian Charm

Chickadee and Egg Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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This cute and colorful chickadee looks very proud to be carrying an Easter egg, probably the one he painted himself! Anyone who loves chickadees and especially the Easter season should probably not pass this one up. The charm is hand soldered onto a......

Pink Footprints Italian Charm

Pink Footprints Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
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Pink Footprints Italian Charm. Original and cute piece for your bracelet. Footprints are painted in pink enamel and coated with clear and protective resin....

Smiling Santa

Smiling Santa in Enamel Charms 
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What makes this Santa look even happier than the fact that he can be a part of your personal collection? The charm features smiling face craved by hand and glazed in red and white enamel. Outlined with gold toned casing the image is positioned on a......

Scorpio Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpion in Enamel Charms 
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Our Scorpio Scorpion Italian charm is for those who were born in fall or simply likes dangerous insects. The image is engraved and covered with gold enamel over a glittering stainless steel base. The link is cut to the medium size and is nickel-free......

Turquoise Capricorn

Turquoise Capricorn in Enamel Charms 
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Turquoise Capricorn Italian charm is for those who are controlling their abilities, ambitions, destiny, and priorities. Features a goat- a symbol of Capricorn imprinted and outlined with gold enamel over turquoise oval background. The image is set......


Strawberry in Enamel Charms 
Our Strawberry charm features a berry that is sweet and tasty. Italian charm presents the image that is anchored to a shiny stainless steel support and painted in famous red and green colors. Lined with gold enamel it makes a great look on a glossy......

Pumpkin Italian Charm

Pumpkin Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
This great Pumpkin Italian Charm is the most classic piece for your charms bracelet. This great charm is painted in bright enamel and set on a spotless stainless steel link. This gorgeous piece is wonderful gift for Halloween....

Y blue

Y blue in Enamel Charms 
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Give your bracelet more colorful and significant look. Look at this beautiful Letter Y Italian Charm. Great blue color and shiny stainless steel are perfect combination....

Cup of Coffee Italian Charm

Cup of Coffee Italian Charm in Enamel Charms 
Start your morning with aromatic and hot cup of coffee. You can keep this wonderful, bracing feeling all day long with Cup of Coffee Italian Charm. Nice coffee cup is painted in red enamel on a shiny stainless steel base....
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